Short Term Funding Benefits

Applying is free and will not impact your credit score.
Short term funding from $5,000 – $500,000
Repayment terms from 4-24 months
Daily and weekly payment options
Fastest approvals, 24-hours to fund in most cases.
Can work with lower credit and shorter time in business.
See approval options without impact to credit.
Renewable source of capital, earn better terms with payment history.
Uses: Debt refinancing, working capital, new equipment, business expansion, inventory.


A short term business loan is a type of funding that typically reaches maturity within 18 months or less. It’s usually easier to get approved for, and the application process is quicker. When you need fast business funding, this is the preferred choice.

This type of term loan can be used to finance various needs, including renovations, tackling large orders, and building upgrades. It’s better suited for lower-cost, short-term projects. For long-term projectslongterm loans are the better alternative


Short-term business funding provides a variety of advantages. Unsecured short-term business loans offer a faster payoff structure and provide quick fundingand they’re easier to qualify for. 

Easier Qualification
For a business to receive a long-term loan, 
banks typically require the business to be in operation for at least two years with an annual revenue matching or exceeding 500,000 dollars and a credit score of at least 675. Quick business loans offer an opportunity to experience relaxed qualifications. Most business owners that generate over $10,000 a month in consistent revenues can qualify for our programs.

With a short-term loan, however, your business can more easily acquire the necessary funds. With only the need for a few months business bank statements, and at least a 500 credit score, funding is available. There are several tiers and levels of funding term length & costs, something our Funding Advisors explain in depth, and help position you for the best results.

Quicker Funding
With long–term loans, you have to get pre-approved, and you may be required provide collateral. The process can also take anywhere from six weeks to six months. However, with a short-term loan, you can expect fast business funding, acquire your funding within 24 hours, and have the money in your account the following day.

This is a great opportunity for emergency business funding situations or limited–time offers or purchases that require the funding immediately. 


As we mentioned earlier, qualifying for short-term business funding is far easier than with a longterm loan. Lenders will look at your annual revenue, how long you’ve been in business, your profit margins, and what you intend to use the term loan for. To apply, typically all we need is an easy application and the last few months of bank statements.


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