Merchant Cash Advance
in Jacksonville, FL


At Majestic Capital Funding, we are your go-to company for merchant cash advance consolidation, also known as MCA relief. Our seasoned professionals carry extensive years of experience in the finance industry. Our primary mission is to deliver desirable business solutions for our clients. We stand apart in the industry, in part due to the fact that we are completely transparent. Unlike fly by night firms that claim they can help by encouraging default, this is a true MCA Consolidation by using a term loan to pay the balances.

Regrettably, unethical practices along with games of baitandswitch are often utilized in the industry. At Majestic Capital Funding, we are a dependable, honest, and reliable team that will always be straightforward with you. We are here to serve you and develop long ongoing business relationships for the years to come. 


This type of cash advance provides a business with quick funding. Whether it’s for an emergency or other funding needs, its designed with lower barrier to entry. 

Typically, these types of advances charge higher interest ratesThe funding company will advance you the money and allow repayment by daily or weekly debits from your business checking account. This continues on a daily basis until your business has met the payment obligation. One advance can turn into three, and before you know it, your business is paying off multiple forms of debt. Taking too much, or being led by a poor advisor, an MCA consolidation loan can help repair the damage done, and get your business on the right track.

MCA relief can be a critical step to restore cash flow. 


This is a type of funding that allows you to consolidate all your debt into one single facility. An MCA consolidation loan can allow your business to free up cash flow, increase ease of repayment, and reduce the number of lenders to whom you owe debt. MCA Consolidations restore cash flow, and provide the flexibility of a monthly payment.

What these merchant cash advance consolidation companies do is buy out all your existing advances and lump them into one single cash advance with better rates and terms. Majestic Capital Funding has helped 100s of business owners pay off merchant cash advances by leveraging our very strong relationship with the program.

To learn more about our merchant cash advance consolidation options or to see if you qualify, contact our team today.