Business Owners: Did The Covid Pandemic
Impact Your Business But You Still
Supported Your Employees?

DON'T DELAY receiving up to $26,000 per W2 employee in payroll tax credit refunds while it's available, WITHOUT the hassle of complicated paperwork, long delays to get paid and confusion about whether you qualify.

Our Tax Professionals specialize in employee retention credits! If your business was impacted by the pandemic, let us evaluate your business & get your ERC refund, even if you believe or were told you don’t qualify! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Employee Retention Tax Credit ("ERC")?
The ERC is an economic recovery program created by the CARES ACT that entitles employers, who retained employees, to a 50% refundable employment tax credit, up to $5000 per employee for 2020 and up to $21,000 per employee for 2021.
Are you Eligible for the ERC?

The employer must show:  Suspended operations, fully or partially, due to an official COVID-19 related shut down order OR Experienced a significant decline in gross receipts relative to the same quarter of 2019.

Do I Qualify, Even If I've Already Been Told No?

Our experts have MASTERED the LAW and NAVIGATED the RULES and REGULATIONS to determine ERC eligibility. They accurately calculate ERC credits, prepare and file the necessary paperwork with the IRS and OVERCOME the obstacles! Allow them to do the same for you!

Let our Tax Experts Help you Get
Your Refund in 3 EASY STEPS:

Step 1: Let Erc Tax Specialists Determine Your Eligibility.

Schedule a call to tell us about your business. Send us a few documents to determine your qualification.

Step 2: Tax Professionals File Your Returns.

Our CPAs and other tax professionals will prepare and audit all documentation to file your 941x amended returns.

Step 3: Get Your Refund.

The IRS will send you a check directly.


We do it ALL For You! It's Fast and Painless. Here are the RESULTS for our Recent Clients and How We've Helped:

We were told by our CPA that we would not be able to qualify for the Employee Retention Credit because our revenue was up in 2020 versus 2019. The Majesty Strong Business Funding team had us fill out their questionnaire then dug deep into our revenue data and we ended up qualifying for over $31,600 for our 7 employees in 2020 alone.

Guy W.

Our revenue took a small hit over 2020 but it didn’t hit the threshold the IRS requires for a company to qualify for the ERC. The ERC Tax Pro team helped us qualify for over $276,000 for our 2020 credit. We have another $500,000+ on the way for the first 2 quarters of 2021 and they will help us with our 3rd quarter filing very soon.
Our surgery center was deemed an essential business, but we were forced to cancel all elective procedures for nearly a year. The ERC Tax Pro team assisted us with filing our amended 941-X payroll tax returns and claimed over $600,000 in ERC for us!
I hadn’t even heard about the ERC program until a friend of mine connected me with the ERC Tax Pro team. Our business was well since we are in the restaurant delivery industry. We did have some challenges with our expansion operations over 2020. The team helped us qualify for over $100,000 in 2020 ERC.
We are a full-service law firm dealing in real estate, oil and gas, estate planning, and corporate law. Our firm spoke with the ERC Tax Pro team, and we were thoroughly impressed by their expansive knowledge about the ERC Program and how we could qualify for the ERC. The United State Treasury has remitted over $5.3 Million Dollars in credits to our firm thanks.
We own 3 car dealerships and didn’t know much about the ERC program. Our CPA referred us over to the ERC Tax Pro team to assist us with applying for the ERC as that is what they specialize in. We have qualified for over $2.4 Million Dollars in ERC and we still have the 3rd quarter of October to file for shortly!